Daily more than 9000 tons of garbage is being picked up from Karachi, MD-SSWMB

More than 9000 tons of garbage are being picked up daily from Karachi, while daily more than 10 to 11 thousand tons of garbage is discharged, and the rest of the garbage is not reaching the dumping sites. These views were expressed by Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB)
Managing Director Zubair Channa during his visit to the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI).

On this occasion, Patron-in-Chief of KATI SM Muneer CEO KITE, Zubair Chhaya, Acting President Maheen Salman, Vice President Farrukh Qandhari, Standing Committee Chairman Saleem-uz-Zaman, Danish Khan, Masood Naqi, Sheikh Umar Rehan, Johar Qandhari, A large number of KATI members including Ehteshamuddin, SM Yahya, Farrukh Mazhar and officials of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board participated.

Managing Director SSWMB Zubair Channa added that initially 3.5 tons of garbage was collected. He said that at present a survey is being conducted for industrial waste which is aimed at estimating the waste collected from the industry. KATI members can participate in the survey without hesitation. Manufacturers can contact SSWMB and avail the facility of garbage collection for a small monthly payment.

Zubair Channa said that the government is not paying for garbage collection but the Chinese company has invested 2.5 to 3 billion. It is our responsibility to take full advantage of their services and keep the city clean and free from the garbage.

Earlier, Patron-in-Chief SM Muneer said that Zubair Channa is a dynamic officer who had earlier served as Deputy Commissioner in Korangi. In Canada, every citizen is given a different color bin with separate trash cans, the same style we should adopt so that we can make billions of dollars by recycling trash. SM Muneer said that Sindh Chief Minister is working seriously and revolutionary changes have been made in Water Board. The Green Line project is of paramount importance in Karachi, while the current situation in the country and political instability are a cause for concern. He said that negative statements against the armed forces would not be tolerated.

Acting President KATI Maheen Salman, said that KATI has an agreement with the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board, with which the work of garbage collection in the Korangi Industrial Area is in full swing.

The initiatives of SSWMB are commendable, however, the arrival of Chairman Zubair Channa in KATI helps in solving the problems of the industrialists.

KITE CEO Zubair Chhaya said that Sindh Solid Waste Management Board was established in the province a long time ago but it was not active. However, under the leadership of Zubair Channa, the institution is playing an important role in cleaning the city. He said that KATI, the SSWMB would continue its full support for the cleanliness of the city. The people lack confidence in the government in paying taxes and duties. If the Sindh Solid Waste Authority relaxes its policy, a large number of people can benefit.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Standing Committee Saleem-uz-Zaman said that the performance of the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board is satisfactory, however, the industrialists are facing shortage of Garbage Bins. He said that SSWMB should provide bins to all industries so that the waste can be handed over to the institution as per the prescribed standards. He said that the industrialists complained that private contractors pick up garbage on daily basis but Sindh Solid vehicles and staff pick up garbage on the second or third day.

He said that due to Ramadan most of the members of KATI could not avail the facility of the institution on which they are being billed for arrears. He requested Chairman Zubair Channa to waive the dues of the new members so that the members could easily serve.

Photo Caption: KATI Patron-in-Chief SM Muneer and Acting President Maheen Salman, presenting shield to Managing Director Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) Zubair Channa. Zubair Chhaya, Farrukh Qandhari, Saleem-uz-Zaman, SM Yahya. Farukh Mazhar is also present.

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