Chilen’s App launched to promote Urdu reading

Pakistan’s premier children’s monthly, ‘Mahnama Sathee’ has launched the magazine’s smart mobile application to promote Urdu reading and writing among children, achieving a milestone in Urdu literature’s history produced for schoolchildren and young adults. A mobile-based app downloadable in

The App allows children and their parents to browse the best Urdu literature, comprising both children’s classics and contemporary fiction now available on a single tab.

Speaking on the launching ceremony of the App today, Abdul Rehman Momin, Editor, Mahnama Sathee, said even though smartphones and high-tech telecommunication devices rule the modern, digital age, the ongoing efforts being made by Mahnama Sathee, a not-for-profit publication since its inception in 1977, deserve appreciation and gratitude for playing a significant role in the promotion of reading habits among the younger generation.

Replete with quality entertainment, character-building short stories and exciting novelettes, the state-of-the-art technological initiative of Mahnama Sathee offers the magazine an attractive, unique and absorbing multicolour format, which makes learning by reading enjoyable and appeals equally to the young and young at heart. The magazine’s vast array of educative, informative and stimulating features, such as valuable literacy tools, poems, snippets, quizzes, wordplay puzzles, posers, brainteasers curious facts, jokes, humorous illustrations and crosswords.

Starting its journey four decades before, Mahnama Sathee happens to be one of the leading literary initiatives taken in the subcontinent to promote children’s literature and family reading. The launch of the magazine’s smartphone app proves that the journey of children’s literature in Pakistan has come a long way.

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