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Written for pre-teen schoolchildren, a new book series on science has recently been unveiled and the first book under the series titled “Rise and Fall of Dinosaur Dynasty” was launched in Karachi. The book is the first part of the series of research-based science education work focusing on numerous science subjects that are taught in early education settings in Pakistan. The research work is being carried out by Dr. Ahmad Mujahid and Awab Ahmad and the book is published by the Ashiana Publications, a Karachi-based children’s publisher.

Providing a brief overview of the gigantic extinct animal, the book “Rise and Fall of Dinosaur Dynasty” carries beautiful illustrations and colorful pictures, which make the content understandable for both children and adults with English being their second language. “Describing the dinosaur’s story in an interesting and compelling way, the book happens to be a must-read for both students and teachers alike,” says Dr. Muhammad Iftikhar Khokhar, a prolific children’s writer and scholar.

According to Mr. Anjum Jaleel, a Canada-based scholar and critic, the book is a well-thought-out scientific work that also connects with some moral values. The book captures the imagination of a young child about what it must have been like when biological life began on earth, and how dinosaur and the rest of the animal species evolved, Mr. Jaleed added.

An index and glossary section had been provided at the end of the book to ensure readers have a clear understanding of the key words and terms used in this book.

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