Book launching ceremony of Zafar Rizvi “Kaha Us Ne Suna Me Ne”

The former president of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain has said that Urdu has a great worth in the leading languages of the world and we should have to put more efforts to bring it up. Today’s our children are studying in the English Schools; we should motivate them towards Urdu. He was addressing to a book launching ceremony of Zafar Rizvi “Kaha Us Ne Suna Me Ne” (He has said and I listen) on Sunday at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

The book launching ceremony was organized by Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi with the coordination of International Urdu Markaz Jadda, Karachi Branch. On the occasion former Governor Sindh Moohin Uddin Haider, President Art’s council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed shah, Prof. Sahar Ansari, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim, Prof Waqar Ahmed Rizvi, Yasin Haider and other were present.

Mamnoon Hussain said that when he was president he used to practice the Urdu language with international delegates and he had a great experience, we all should promote Urdu on our houses and where we use to go. He appreciated the Zafar Rizvi for his work in Urdu Poetry.

President Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed shah said that Amroha is a great land for art, culture and civilization and it born many famous personalities for India and Pakistan. The centers of civilization have been changed with the passage of time, it was a time when Athens and aspartic were the state of civilization, and then Muslims also seen a greatness as a civilized nation, we turned from the literature, art and other such thing thus we fell down and Europe adopted it.

Former governor Sindh Mueen Uddin Haider said that life is a name of continues long struggle and Zafar Rizve has given it the name of “line”. Prof. Pirzada Qasim has said that we are failed to transfer the literature and art to our next generations, it need more and consistent struggle to give this generation what we had. On the occasion Prof Waqar Rizvi, Prof Sahar Ansari, Aagha Masood and Hamid Islam also addressed and appreciated Zafar Rizvi for his remarkable poetry where Zafar Rizvi present some of his poem for the audience.

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