Book launching ceremony of “ Pori Zindagi unpori Jaddojehed”

The folk and heritage committee of Arts council of Pakistan Karachi organized a book launching ceremony of “Pori Zindagi unpori Jaddojehed” written by “Abdul Kaliq Junejo”. On this occasion Dr Jaffar Ahmed said that, in this marvelous book Abdul Khaliq Junejo represented the culture and history of Sindh.

Dr Waheeda Mahesar said that, Abdul Khaliq Junejo writes for the unity, he displays the thoughts of honesty among the two different regions. Dr Zafar Junejo shares his reviews on the personality of Abdul Khaliq Junejo, he said that he provokes his thoughts by surveying the problems and then write them for the awareness. Dr. Yousuf Masti Khan also commented on his marvelous work, he said that his dissertations are wonderful to read, he always write for awareness and his struggle always came in the light in the form of book.

Haider Imam Rizvi on this wonderful evening said the, he writes to unite each and every province of the country.

He is a proud who always try to unite the people. In this ceremony Imam Abbasi, Mir Alam Mari and many other also share their views on this amazing book. At the end of the day Abdul khaliq Junejo thanked to every member who appreciated his work and represented his book to them.

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