Beaconhouse Elevates Learning with Google for Education Tools through Partnership with Tech Valley

A transformative collaboration has been initiated by Beaconhouse, the largest education network in Pakistan, with Tech Valley, the partner for Google for Education in Pakistan. The initiative is aimed at revolutionizing educational experiences for over 100,000 students across Pakistan. This collaboration integrates Google Chromebooks with Google for Education’s Education Plus Workspace, a comprehensive suite that provides a multitude of educational tools and features. The approach aims to foster enriched learning, enhanced collaboration, and a secure learning environment.

Under the partnership, Tech Valley is offering Beaconhouse a comprehensive teacher training programme in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The training, facilitated by a Google Certified Educator, touches on the technical aspects of Google for Education tools and devices. It emphasizes pedagogical methods and inclusive technology practices, thereby ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive approach to education.

The training aligns with Beaconhouse’s vision to incorporate technology as a crucial instrument to enhance the teaching and learning experience. It integrates technology into instruction, further strengthening relationships among teachers, students, and parents. This integrated approach not only bridges accessibility gaps but also encourages the use of innovative methods to impart quality education.

Chief Operating Officer of Beaconhouse, Mr Ali Ahmad Khan, stated, “We are confident that this partnership with Tech Valley and Google for Education will add significant value to our students’ learning journey by fostering collaboration and inclusivity, and enable us to take the next step towards excellence in education.”

CEO of Tech Valley, Mr Umar Farooq, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Our collaboration with Beaconhouse is a testament to our commitment to modernizing education in Pakistan. With Education Plus licenses and innovative teacher training, we aim to provide an enriched learning experience to students while equipping educators with the tools they need to excel in the digital age.”

This initiative aspires to pioneer a brighter future for education in Pakistan, harnessing the potential of technology to support the next generation of learners, educators, and leaders, promoting a holistic and rewarding educational experience for all.


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