Basketball Court dedicated to TPL at HU

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Habib University has dedicated its newly built Basketball Court to TPL. Mr. Jameel Yusuf (S.St.), Chairman, TPL, Mr. Ali Jameel, CEO, TPL, Mr. Wasif Rizvi, President, Habib University and Mr. Parvez Ghias, CEO, Habib University Foundation, participated in the dedication ceremony.

Marking the momentous inauguration ceremony, Mr. Jameel Yusuf (S.St.) said “We are here because we have something that unifies us all: a belief and a commitment towards quality physical education to be equally important with the academic development of a student. Ahead of us remain the challenges to sustain our growth and to continue to realize our vision and mission of the overall development of a student by nurturing and educating promising young members to become responsible and respectable future leaders of the society.”

TPL along with its group companies is an ardent supporter of Habib University. The group has supported students through scholarships towards HU TOPS and for summer study abroad opportunities. The dedication of TPL Basketball Court is a recent contribution through TPL which reaffirms Habib University and TPL’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience which not only focuses on intellectual development but also lays emphasis on physical well-being.

Mr. Wasif Rizvi said, “This University is about cultivating a community of students, every space at Habib University calls for student engagement.”

After the inauguration ceremony, a friendly match was played between the students of the University.

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