BARD Foundation announces an Endowment Fund for an MBA student at IBA University in perpetuity

BARD Foundation and IBA university take the lead to be at the forefront in an informed response to the challenges with the high-end priority given to the academic well being of students. BARD Foundation, a strong advocate and support system for passionate students, is delighted to join hands with IBA Karachi in a formal ceremony to extend its support to students in their educational careers. BARD Foundation has announced an Endowment Fund for a student of MBA in perpetuity that is aimed at facilitating the students to access higher quality education. The purpose of this Endowment Fund is to enhance learning experience of students while also creating a more competitive environment in universities.

The signing ceremony took place at IBA university Karachi and it was attended by President of BARD Foundation Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood and Member Board of Governor Ms. Mehreen Dawood. The ceremony was also attended by some of IBA students who participated to witness the financial and logistical support ensured by BARD Foundation to enable the students to excel in their academic careers.

Speaking about the joint venture, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, President BARD Foundation, said, “We are concerned about the future of these talented students that are admitted into good universities but are faced with financial impediments in their academic careers. BARD Foundation is truly pleased to facilitate the students to carry this benevolent venture out to contribute to the successful and secure future of students.

BARD Foundation continues to offer enabling services to students from all socioeconomic levels and is working towards clearing the path for continuous learning. The institution’s dedication to its larger objectives of ensuring student achievement, sustaining financial assistance for students through its generous scholarship is a testament to the broader vision of BARD foundation.




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