Axle Load control to help save lives, protect motorways and highways

Ministry of Communications has taken pragmatic steps to implement the Axle Load Control regime on Motorways & National Highways in the country. Sole objective of this move is to control travelling of overloaded vehicles which lead to fatal accidents besides damaging the national asset of road network of billions of rupees. Prior to implementation of axle load control regime, a technical committee was formed, consisting of officers from Ministry of Communications and National Highway Authority which remained in constant contacts with transport community, Members of the Chambers of Commerce and stakeholders hailing from all the provinces.

This technical committee visited their offices and held detailed discussions in series of meetings and took them into confidence to facilitate implementation of Axle Load Control regime. The stakeholders assured of their full cooperation and subsequently, implementation of Axle Load Control was realized which is in progress. It is worth to mention that implementation of this law is mandatory as Axle Load Control regime is provided in Highway Safety Ordinance 2000. To this effect, interest or desire of somebody cannot be prioritized.

It is to recall that billions of rupees are spent on construction and maintenance of Motorways & National Highways, while overloaded vehicles not only lead to loss of lives in accidents but they also badly damage the Motorways & National Highways network. The learned courts of law have also taken notice of this loss of precious lives in road accidents. Implementation of Axle Load Control will greatly help solve maintenance issues of motorways and highways besides reducing maintenance expenditure of the vehicles as well. Implementation of Axle Load Control will cast far reaching positive effects particularly in context of Regional Trade Traffic and China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Coordinated efforts made by Ministry of Communications, National Highway Authority, National Highways and Motorway Police and National Transport Research Centre and cooperation by all the stakeholders and Transport community in particular are contributing a lot make enforcement of axle load control regime result oriented.

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