Autobiography of Aslam Gordaspuri launched at Arts Council

The book titled “Tujhe Aay Zindagi Kahan Se Laon” which is an autobiography of famous poet, literrateur and political activist Aslam Gordaspuri was launched at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. The book contains various chapters of the political and literary life of Aslam Gordaspuri.

Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah said that Aslam Gordaspuri was an ideological activist and remained captive by the then governments due to his ideological philosophy. President of Arts Council Ahmed Shah opined his views saying, “Aslam Gordaspuri was a courageous and valiant political worker and we are honored by his presence in Arts Council today”. The ceremony was presided by Dr. Mubarak Ali whereas Dr.Tauseef Ahmed Khan hosted the event and mesmerized the audience by narrating some of the historical events related to the author.

Speakers in attendance included, Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, President Arts Council Ahmed Shah, Dr. Mubarak Ali, Ayub Sheikh, Ayub Malik, Sarwar Javaid, Dr. Syed Jafar Ahmed and Dr. Riaz Sheikh Aslam Gordaspuri thanked all the attendees and answered an objection made on the title of the book saying, “When I get to know what life is, I have already spent all of it but very few days are left though”.

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