Australian High Commissioner praise Pakistan role in UN Peace Mission

Praising Pakistan’s role in UN Peace Mission striving for world peace, Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson said that Australia enjoys long standing relations with Pakistan which established soon after creation of this country. We had even relations with Staff College Quetta since 1910 much before creation of Pakistan. This she expressed while speaking to members of the Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) at a dialogue over breakfast with her hosted by the council at a local hotel.

Chairman KCFR Ikram Sehgal, Secretary Dr. Huma Baqai and CEO Commodore Retd. Sadeed A. Malik also shared stage with her.

Discussing relations between two countries furthers, she told that they have one academician turned politician woman of Pakistani origin in their parliament. We are cooperating with Pakistan in fields of business, education, health, agriculture, dairy, water conservation, defence and anti-terrorism sectors, he reminded.

Number of Australian universities present in Pakistan will rise to 11 very soon. More than 120 Phd scholars are studying in our country through Higher Education Commission. We are playing our role for the prosperity and development of human capital of Pakistan. Pakistan has also supported us in many ways i.e people of Balochistan region played key role in development of Australia in past. Pakistani player supported our cricket team to be on top of the game, the High Commissioner appreciated.

Replying to a question, Margaret Adamson termed Pakistan Super League (PSL) a great success with participation of world players and will play a key role in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan. Visit of West Indies team also conveyed a positive message to the world and hopefully not only Australian but cricket teams from other countries will soon play cricket in Pakistan, she hoped.

There are opportunities for business and tourism in Pakistan and I will motivate Australian businesses to develop relations here for their projects. World Bank’s recent report noted that there are 1500 check boxes for foreign companies to do business in Pakistan and this number is very daunting, she underlined.

Discussing fruits, she said taste of Pakistani mangoes, king of fruits is very delicious. She appreciated growing women empowerment here and shared that she herself attended a world women day activity organized by Islamabad women police. We are also supporting Sindh women police to enhance their capacity in different parts of the province, the High Commissioner told.

Margaret Adamson observed that over 47 percent of children are stunted in Pakistan which is very alarming and a burden on health economy. This should be addressed.

We are also helping farmers for efficient use of water. There is no reason to grow sugar cane crop on such mass scale. Farmers should cultivate crops requiring less water as water is very precious commodity and nothing can survive without it. We are helping farmers in dairy sector and more than 100000 Australian cows have already arrived in Pakistan, she concluded. 

Speaking on this occasion, Chairman KCFR Ikram Sehgal said that law and order situation is much improved in Pakistan and we are struggling for regional peace as well. But India is the only country, which does not want peace in Afghanistan and other parts of region. He emphasized to enhance bilateral relations in all sectors.

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