Attock Petroleum offers a Rs 5 discount per liter on purchase of 20 liters

Attock Petroleum Limited, a leading name in the petroleum industry, has recently launched a pioneering campaign designed to offer relief to customers grappling with the challenges of peak inflation rates sweeping the nation. This transformative initiative promises significant savings of Rs. 5 per liter for petrol refills, provided the minimum purchase quantity is 20 liters or more.

The response to this campaign has been nothing short of phenomenal, with the public showing immense enthusiasm and support. Customers from all walks of life have flocked to Attock Petroleum filling stations to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. This surge in interest has led to a noteworthy increase in traffic at our filling stations across the country.

“We understand the economic pressures our valued customers are facing in these trying times,” said Attock Petroleum Limited spokesperson a representative of Attock Petroleum Limited. “Our goal with this campaign is to offer genuine relief by putting money back in our customers’ pockets when they need it most.”

Attock Petroleum Limited is committed to providing high-quality products and services while also contributing positively to the financial well-being of its customers. This campaign is just one of the many ways the company demonstrates its dedication to the community.

As the campaign continues gaining momentum, Attock Petroleum Limited encourages customers to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to save on fuel expenses. The company remains committed to supporting its customers and the nation during these challenging economic times.

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