Asif Raza Qadri congratulates newly elected office bearers of the Association of Press Photographers

During their visit to Karachi Press Club, a delegation led by Religious leader Asif Raza Qadri congratulated newly elected officials of the Association of Press Photographers (PAP), won in the annual Election 2022-23.

The newly elected PAP officials would play a key role in eradicating social evils through their best capabilities, urged Asif Raza Qadri and added the struggle of the photojournalist and journalist community for the development and prosperity of Pakistan was commendable:

Congratulating the governing bodies Rashid Ahmed, Masroor Abidi, Ashraf Memon, Rizwan Tabassum and Mohammad Matin Khan, he said that maintaining the annual tradition of elections under democratic continuity is a commendable process. We will play our role better for the welfare of the oppressed by presenting the social evils, secrets and injustices in the current situation positively in the government houses.

May Allah blesses the newly elected officials and grants us all the strength to work together for the development and prosperity of Pakistan, he prayed.

Asif Raza Qadri presents flowers to the newly elected officials. He also gave a bouquet of other personalities, including Rushd Mahfooz Qadri and Abdul Qadir Surya are also present.

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