You are currently viewing Asia’s Largest Cattle Mandi 2024 set to elevate the experience of Eid-ul-Adha for Karachiites

Asia’s Largest Cattle Mandi 2024 set to elevate the experience of Eid-ul-Adha for Karachiites

As Pakistan prepares to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, one of the largest festivals in the Islamic calendar, preparations have begun for the grand opening of Asia’s Largest Cattle Mandi 2024 on May 10th at the Northern Bypass in Taiser Townyear’s year’s Mandi promises to offer additional facilities to buyers and sellers while featuring sacrificial livestock from across Pakistan. Belonging to various breeds from various farms across the country, the Mandi this year will offer millions of sacrificial animals for the performance of Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi.

Spread over an expansive 1000 acres and divided into multiple blocks, the Cattle Mandi 2024 will set a new standard in modernization and convenience. Buyers and sellers alike will benefit from well-planned infrastructure, ample vehicle parking space, and enhanced in-mandi security, which features comprehensive camera surveillance, accessible banking services, animal medical inspections, and various other additional facilities. Additionally, there will be abundant provisions for food and clean water to ensure the well-being of the livestock coming over for Qurbani from across the nation.

To ensure the safety of the buyers visiting Cattle Mandi, robust security measures will be implemented, starting with the establishment of additional Rangers and Police pickets.

The traditional and nostalgic for many enthusiasts, Cattle Mandi has been established at Sohrab Goth for many years. However, due to the rapid expansion of residential societies and the need to ensure citizen safety amidst increasing traffic on the superhighway, the decision to shift the market from its previous place to Taiser Town Northern Bypass was implemented last year for the larger benefit of the public. As per the news reports, the Cattle Mandi generated business activity worth PKR 08 Billion during the previous year’s ul Adha season despite its new location.

The Cattle Mandi 2024, referred to as Maweshi Mandi, is all set to attract thousands of buyers and sellers this year due to increased facilities and amenities by the authorities. This further solidifies its traditional crucial role in fostering economic growth and supporting thousands of households, including the seasonal and mainstream livestock owners, transporters, growers, and thousands of suppliers and vendors providing their services to organize this annual fair.

As preparations reach their final stages, excitement is palpable among citizens eagerly awaiting the opportunity to partake in this cherished tradition. The Cattle Mandi 2024 promises to be a beacon of joy, unity, and celebration, embodying the spirit of Eid-ul-Adha and Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.


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