Arts Council’s Artwork Gallery

Any artist in the world will always be remembered by his skill set and his art for e.g. Picasso for his painting, Rumi for his poetry and etc. Skills can neither be bought nor inherited by anyone but only developed over a period of time. A painter is blessed with the beautiful gift of creating lifelike pictures with the touch of their magical hands and Pakistan is a land of talented people, these were the views expressed by President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah in a launching ceremony of the Arts Council’s Artwork Gallery.

He also added, that our world is a beautiful example of the most unique and exemplary artwork and our painters can be the best if they can perfect themselves in putting that on paper and I really urge our future generations to develop a hobby of involving themselves in creative activities rather than stay-at-home & using their smart phones for unhealthy reasons. Ms. Nousheen Tariq in the ceremony said that the launching of this gallery is especially for the people who have a passion for art work and paintings and this is a place where not only artists can show their artistic capabilities but also learn this creative skills to enhance their work’s credibility. In the gallery, not only great paintings of the greatest painters were there but also painted furniture, some really interesting books and slow music to lighten up the gallery and the mood of the attendees who were in awe of the Art Gallery.

The inauguration of the gallery was done by the President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah. The gallery was visited by some much known people who loved the work and encouraged Ms Nausheen Tariq who is the face behind this initiative.

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