Arts Council of Pakistan reception in honor of Prof. Hafiz Naseemuddin.

It is a good initiative of the Social Students Forum to pay tribute to Prof. Hafiz Naseemuddin. Captain M. Zia Alam, the president of the event, said that Hafiz Naseem is the owner of a great and distinguished personality.

Allah Ta’ala has enriched them with a wealth of knowledge, and they are sharing their knowledge among their students. Special guest of the event, former advisor to Chief Minister of Sindh and Chairman of Payam Pakistan, Iqbal Yusuf, said that Hafiz Naseem is like a candle that burns itself but provides a positive and positive way to the world.

Earlier, the chairman of the forum, Nafees Ahmed Khan, said that Hafiz Naseem is the name of the world of knowledge that will always shine, and we will continue to decorate the parties with such stars. On this occasion, the founder and chairman of Genius Forum and well-known anchor and voice actor Shahid Masroor said that Hafiz Naseem is an organization, an association, and a visionary personality. Renowned social activist Rana Ashfaq Rasool said that Hafiz Sahib is an exemplary example for those who want to move forward despite their weaknesses.

Faheem Burney, Kamran Saeed Chawla, Faheem Ahmed Khan, Basar Ahmed Siddiqui, Senior Sales Manager Nelson Paint, Qaiser Jamal, Additional Secretary, and Senior Vice Chairman Farooq Arshi expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Arts Council of Pakistan and especially President Syed Ahmad Shah. Thanked and thanked all the guests. Finally, books and other gifts will also be presented to the guest of honour Hafiz Naseem, and the president of the event Captain M. Zia Alam, on behalf of the forum.

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