Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi holds the book launch ceremony of “Social Equity.”

Prof. Khalid Mirza graced the ceremony with his presence, whereas Prof. Dr. Rukhsar Ahmed, Dr. Huma Sodher, Ms Hina Usmani, and Ahmed Chinoy were the honourable guests of speakers. Rubab’s family attended the event, Arts Council’s members, and many young individuals.

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the launching ceremony of “Social Equity- The Right to an Adequate Standard of Living, ” penned by Syeda Rubab Aali’s young author. Addressing the evening, Prof. Khalid Mirza said, I am very impressed by the book and all praise to the young author. Equity was not a concept that was known earlier. When Fakhra (Rubab’s mother) spoke to me about this event, I didn’t know what she was talking about, “social equity”, and when I got to know equity, my mind bubbled. Equity is fairness, justice and it’s different from equality. If someone has lived a luxurious life and comes from an ordinary background, if you provide both of them an equal opportunity, this is unfair. What is fair depends on various aspects, and Rubab has explained it all in this book. “Some of the chapters in this book are about the judiciary, which I would like lawyers to read”, Mr Khalid added.

Speaking on occasion, Ahmed Chinoy said, “I am amazed to see how much potential this world has; this young writer shows how creative we are and how bright is the future of this country; she covered all the social topics like finance, economics, gender equality, and disability in this book. I am very proud that a 15-year-old chose such a sensitive issue which requires, positive approach, thought process, research, and sensitivity of an individual.”

“I wrote 15 books in 15 years of my life, and here a 15-year-old girl amazed us by writing a book and that too on a topic of justice, transparency, and equality. It requires research and consistency. I congratulate her parents, who played a great role in her journey,” said Prof. Dr Rukhsar Ahmed.

Mr Rukhsar further said that it’s good to see when our children start reading the books, but it’s lovely when they start writing a book, and if the young generation of this country is like Rubab, then I assure you you this nation a radiant future.

Ms Hina Usmani said that Rubab came up with a topic that is needed. This book is about gender equality, judiciary, disable and underprivileged people and everybody should see this aspect of society also we need to transfer this approach more in our youth for the society’s progress.

Dr Huma Sodher was also present in the forum, and she said, when I got to know that Rubab had written something, I was not surprised cause I knew that her parents Mj. Rizwan & Dr Fakhra is raising a star at their home. Rubab has wonderfully covered many topics of social equity in this book, and she has quoted formal scholars on the subjects. “My parents supported me and assured me that I am not less than anyone when I had an accident, and I was temporarily disabled, that kind of assurance as a society we need to provide to disable people, minorities, and underprivileged ones,” said Dr Sodher.

Concluding the ceremony, young author Syeda Rubab said, “I am grateful to everyone who supported me throughout this journey, especially my parents with them it was not possible. We often hear about equality and we know about it, but equity is underrated, I find it tremendously important and I want people to know about it through this book where I tried to explain it. I wanted to make a change no matter how small, and if one person could understand the meaning of equity through this book, this would be enough for me”

In the ceremony, Ms. Aali presented a bouquet and the book to the honorable guests of speakers and her parents, the event was moderated by Ms. Farah Naz.

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