Art Council paid tribute to “Zaheen Tahira”

The stage show committee of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, organized a wonderful event to tribute “Zaheen Tahira” for her outstanding achievements on Saturday night at New Auditorium. Zaheen Tahira is well known for her astonishing performance in “Khuda Ki Basti” from where he displayed herself as a remarkable actress and till now she is considered to be the most dominating figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

The president of Arts council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said, we are celebrating the lives of those artist who showing their efforts to develop the values of the society,  Zaheen Tahira is a spectacular lady and her performance, her efforts to develop entertainment industry are ever green, he added.

The senior actor, Munawar Saeed said, I am an honourable person that Zaheen Tahira’s career started from my radio show. I feel proud that she is my student and her passion to become an artist is identified by the awards she achieved in her life. The senior producer, Irshad Ansari who is well known for her drama “Khuda ki basti” stated that, she is a passionate lady and I feel proud that this lady got fame through my drama, Khuda ki basti. Talat Hussain also share his views that , the recognition of any country is the artists and Zaheen Tahira is a lady who represent her country through her acting. The famous actor of drama series “Shama”, Anwar Iqbal said that everyone is artist in itself, but the reality of any artist is recognized in Zaheen Tahira’s performance. He further added that whenever he met her he considered her as his mother.

The houseful event was observed by many artists and governing bodies as, M. Zaheer Khan, Durgana Butt, Khalid Bin Shahid, Saadat Ali jafri, Kamaluddin Ahmed, Iqbal Latif, Adil Wadiya, Talat Iqbal, Salma Shaheen, Khalid Zafar, Shabeer Rana,  Talhat Iqbal and many other who commented on Zaheen Tahira’s life and her achievements.

At the end of the day, Zaheen Tahira share her views that she is a very fortunate lady who got such fame from all over Pakistan, he further thanked Mohammad Ahmed Shah and Arts council for their efforts to celebrate the lives of such artists. The president of Arts council Mohammad Ahmed Shah appreciated her with the shield.

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