Anjum Zafar new chairman of PTA

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Mr. Anjum Zafar of M/s. Eastern Leather Company (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore has been elected unopposed as Central Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association while Mr. Aziz Ahmed of M/s. A. M. A. Leather Industry, Karachi elected un-opposed as Senior Vice Chairman and Mr. Azam Malik of M/s. Leathertex Gloving (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore elected as Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, PTA for the year 2016-17. The election of Pakistan Tanners Association held on 30th September’2016.

The members of the Central Executive Committee of PTA elected for the year 2016-17 are Mr. Danish Naseem – M/s. MIMA Leather (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi; Mr. Faraz Ashraf – M/s. Mohamed Ashraf & Sons, Karachi; Mr. Faraz Haleem – M/s. Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt) Ltd,KHI; Mr. Fawwad Shafi – M/s. Ravi Agencies, Lahore; Mr. Gulzar Firoz – M/s. Firoz International, Karachi; Mr. M. Danish Khan – M/s. Highway’s Creation (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi; Mr. Mansoor Iqbal – M/s. Dada Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore; Mr. Rehan Shaikh Hannan – M/s. Khas (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi; Mr. Shahid Usman – M/s. EPCT (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore; Mr. Tanweer Aslam Chawla – M/s. Chawla Tanneries, Kasur; Ch. Ahmed Zulfiqar Hayat. – M/s. Leather Town, Sialkot; Kh. Muhammad Mehr Ali – M/s. Khawaja Tanneries (Pvt) Ltd., Multan and Sh. M. Afzal Hussain – M/s. Hussain Leather Craft, Karachi.

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