Ambassador of Turkmenistan visits Federation of Pakistan

Mr. Alamgir Firoz, Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on Diplomatic Affairs welcomed Mr. Atadjan Movlamov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry; and stated that PM Nawaz Sharif and Turkmenistan President signed trade MOUs and PM Nawaz Sharif declared that “Pakistan’s priority is to expand trade and economic relations” and Turkmenistan President said that ” both countries share similar views on regional peace and stability”. He mentioned that bilateral trade between both countries needs to be enhanced in same way as the government of the both countries has initiated. He shared the sectors in which both countries can collaborate are trade, energy, agriculture & livestock, science & technology, education, health, sports and tourism.

Mr. Atadjan Movlamov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan stated that the development of the banking channels is in process, which will facilitate the trade on a positive way. He expressed to have an exchange of delegations, single countries exhibition and road shows to be organized by both countries. He said that Turkmenistan is providing 16 basic needs free of cost in their country; while Turkmenistan is having 100% literacy rate; in this regard, they are looking for collaboration with Pakistan in the sector of Health and Education. He also invite FPCCI to join the delegation for Turkmenistan to be proceed in the current year by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan – TDAP.

Mr. Maher Alam Khan, Secretary General (Acting) FPCCI said that as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pakistan has finalised land routes (since January 2016) designed to provide access to Central Asian states, such as Turkmenistan to Pakistan. Both Turkmenistan and Pakistan are members of the Economic Cooperation Organization. In November 2016, Pakistan joined the Ashgabat Agreement which aims to export Turkmen gas throughout the region in addition to the Lapis Lazuli corridor designed to facilitate trade. Pakistan affirmed its commitments to Turkmenistan in a Sustainable Transport conference where Pakistan affirmed that “Regional connectivity, economic integration are key pillars of Pakistan’s foreign policy.” Mr. Alam asked Turkmenistan for having cooperation in ECO; especially he asked to provide trade data of Turkmenistan to Pakistan. He also expressed to form Joint Business Council – JBC between Pakistan and Turkmenistan.

Mr. Gurbanov Begench, 1st Secretary and Consul of Turkmenistan expressed that Pakistan and Turkmenistan are enjoying quite friendly relations, which will be a positive sign for the enhance enhancement of the bilateral trade. He shared that recently Embassy of Turkmenistan to Pakistan celebrated the 25th Anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Pakistan. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Yaqub Tabani, as he said that the most optimistic voices say about the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-India-Pakistan (TAPI) pipeline, extolling its potential to lead to greater regional integration, energy security and job growth. Mr. Tabani identified the major barriers in the trade between Pakistan and Turkmenistan are non availability of Banking Channels and Transportation. Later on, exclusive FPCCI Shield has presented to Mr. Atadjan Movlamov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan by Mr. Alamgir Firoz, Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on Diplomatic Affairs.


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