Ambassador of Kazakhstan & Turkmenistan meet Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services

Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Pakistan, Mr Yerzhan Kistafin, called on Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Mr Asad Mahmood. Senior officers from the Ministry of Communications and National Highway Authority were also present.

Taking to the visiting guest, Mr Asad Mahmood said age-old cultural and religious values bind Pakistan and Kazakhstan. The time is to revive this relationship as per the requirement of the existing conditions. To this effect, people-to-people contact and exchange of delegations may pave the way to bring both the brotherly countries closer. He said there are vast opportunities for working together in the construction sector. To achieve the targets in the prevailing environment, coordinated planning on bilateral, regional, and global levels is in dire need. He said landlocked republics would avail access to the rest of the world through the development of Gwadar Port, which will bring about socio-economic uplift in the whole region, Mr Asad Mehmood added.

Expressing a deep sense of gratitude, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Mr Yerzhan Kistafin, said, in the recent past, an international gathering was arranged in Kazakhstan on the philosophy and services of Dr Muhamamd Iqbal, poet of the east. Besides, an international trade conference was also organised participated by more than 120 international traders, including Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. He said Kazakhstan is interested in developing a close relationship with Pakistan in various economic sectors. The visiting ambassador desired to enhance the trade volume by one billion dollars with Pakistan.

Later, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan based in Pakistan, Mr Atadjan Movlamov, also called on Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Mr Asad Mahmood.

Welcoming the honorable guest, Mr Asad Mahmood said, great potential exists between Pakistan and Turkmenistan to expand the range of bilateral relations. He termed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran (TAPI) Gas Pipeline project a big move to overcome the energy crisis. Asad recalled that the fibre optic project is another example of brotherly relations between the two countries. He said Pakistan possesses an extraordinary ideal location on the world map and that all possible measures will be taken to have maximum benefits from this location.

Mr Asad Mahmood also desired to nominate focal persons and working groups to explore areas of mutual interest. Speaking about the shared values, Mr Asas Mahmood pointed out about 500 common words used in Urdu and Turkmen languages.

On this occasion, Mr Atadjan Movlamov said work on a Transit Trade Agreement is underway to prepare the ground for extending the range of cooperation between the two countries. Afghanistan will also benefit from this agreement. He said deep-rooted shared cultural ties would cement bilateral relationships in the coming years between the two countries, he hoped.


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