Amanullah new chairman of PTA

Mr. Amanullah Aftab of M/s. Hafiz Tannery, Karachi has been elected unopposed as Central Chairman of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) in the elections of the association held on 29th September’2017. According to result provided by PTA, similarly, Mr. Mansoor Iqbal of M/s. Dada Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore elected un-opposed as Senior Vice Chairman and Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Sheikh of M/s. Bombal Leathers Karachi as Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, PTA for the year 2017-18 respectively. .

The others members of the Central Executive Committee of association are as follows:

01. Mr. Agha Saiddain – M/s. Royal Leather Industries Ltd., Lahore.

02. Mr. Anjum Zafar – M/s. Eastern Leather Company (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore.

03. Mr. Aziz Ahmed – M/s. A.M.A. Leather Industry, Karachi.

04. Mr. Badre Alam – M/s. Badre Alam Traders, Lahore.

05. Mr. Faraz Ashraf – M/s. Mohamed Ashraf & Sons, Karachi.

06. Mr. Fawwad Shafi – M/s. Ravi Agencies, Lahore.

07. Mr. Khurshid Alam – M/s. Permair Leather Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore.

08. Mr. M. Danish Khan – M/s. Highway’s Creation (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi.

09. Mr. Muhammad Musaddiq – M/s. Siddiq Leather Works (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore.

10. Mr. Shahid Usman – M/s. EPCT (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore.

11. Sh. M. Afzal Hussain – M/s. Hussain Leather Craft, Karachi.

12. Sh. Saqib Saeed Masood – M/s. Khas Industries (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi.

13. Mr. Shafique Ahmed – M/s. Shafique Leather Enterprises, Karachi.


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