Aleemrk makes it From Fresh Finds PK to Spotify’s Global Viral 50 List

After Abdul Hannan, the first face of Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’, who rose to dominate streaming charts with tunes like ‘Bikhra’ and ‘Iraday’, the trend continues with AleemRK, an emerging Hip Hop artist who has found global fame with his trackCold Hours” trending at number 4 and 5 on Viral 50 India and Spotify’s Global Viral 50 respectively.

With close to 800,000 monthly listeners, AleemRK is rapidly on his way to the top as the second “Fresh Finds” artist to pop up on Spotify charts due to ‘Fresh Finds PK’. This locally curated editorial playlist shines light on tracks from independent artists in multiple genres, giving a broader platform to independent artists to get discovered by new audiences. AleemRK’s track, “Cold Hours” has witnessed a 1095% increase in times played over the past month putting it at 5.3 million streams and counting.

After being discovered in June 2021 by Spotify’s editorial team and added to Fresh Finds PK for the first time, AleemRK has shown steady growth. From his track, “Cold Hours”, being added to prominent local playlists such as Hot Hits Pakistan, Top Songs Pakistan, Pakistani Hip-Hop and Desi Hip Hop to reaching listeners far and wide from India, US and UK.

“I feel honored to be a part of something that I dreamt of. Starting from scratch and now seeing my music going through global charts of Spotify makes me ecstatic. Well, sky’s the limit for me, it’s just a start. Thanks for listening,” said AleemRK.

Earlier this year, Spotify data revealed that Pakistani Hip Hop has grown by nearly 70% since the launch of the music platform, with over 63% of the streams coming from outside the country, highlighting its global appeal.

Explore more of AleemRK’s tracks on Spotify.


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