A job fair has been organised at Iqra University for the last ten years as per tradition.

With the primary goal of giving graduating students employment options to achieve a brighter future, the job fair has been a tradition at Iqra University in Karachi for more than a decade. Dr Wasim Qazi, the Vice-Chancellor/President, expressed this view while speaking at the Job Fair 2023 that job fairs are held immediately following convocation.

Over 700 students attended the job fair this year, and employers came along with 5000 job vacancies with pay ranges between 40,000 and o 165,000. The event allowed students to connect with more than 600 multinational and national-level HR directors and their top management and HR teams in Pakistan. It gave them a platform to grasp opportunities and have meaningful and insightful conversations.

Because of Pakistan’s current economic instability, high unemployment rate, and difficulty finding employment, Iqra University has made this a commendable step for graduating students. Iqra University is a prestigious institution with open doors for students from lower- and middle-class backgrounds, Dr Wasim Qazi continued. Employers can meet brilliant and motivated students looking for jobs and internships in industries including business administration, computer science, media sciences, health sciences, and other subjects at the job fair, which offers great networking opportunities.

He believed that graduates are prepared to contribute to the workforce and will be an invaluable resource for businesspeople and manufacturers. The initial attempt made by Iqra University is to keep holding career fairs like this in the future. Dr Wasim Qazi and the university’s top management distributed souvenirs to participating employers after the job fair.

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