Arts Council organized book launching ceremony

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a book launching ceremony of famous Hamd o Naat Poet and writer AnsarUllahQurashi known as Gohar Azmi.

On the occasion his two books were launched Qatary sa Ghar Honay Taka and Khawah Mukhawah.

The first book is his autobiography and the second one is humorous critic on the social and cultural rebels of the society. The ceremony held at Manzar Akbar Hall of Arts Council Auditorium.

The ceremony was chaired by Dr. Pirzada Qasim and Raza Siddiqui where the quest speakers were Dost Muhammad Faizi, Dr. S.M Moeen Qureshi, Tajdar Adil, Razwan Siddiqui, Tahir Sultani, Iqbal Latif and Shakil Khan. Hafiz Nouman Tahir formally started the ceremony with the recitation of Quran verses and Naat. Dr. Pirzada Qasim said that Gohar Azmi is a highly celebrated writer of our time, in the time when no one is convinced to read books it is a great success that a writer is publishing his two books at the same time.

The first book Qatary sa Ghar hony tak is his autobiography in which he expressed his own life with the different events. He recited some paragraph from the book for audience. Raza Siddiqui said Gahar Azami has two aspects in his life, he is a writer of Naat and Hamid and also appeared as a critic and humors poet. He knows well the weakness of our society, and he uses her life with full of energy by considering it as a gift of God.

We should appreciate him for his writing particular his services for Urdu literature. He wrote twenty-two books with a busy life which was not an easy task. Tajdar Adil Said that way Gohar Azmi expressed his writing particular his autobiography it is expressing the culture and civilized background of our society.

He requested Gohar Azmi to write for children to give them a particular direction according to our culture. Dost Muhammad Faizi said Gohar Azmi is a writer of 22 books and all of his books are the part of our culture and representing our civilization, his relation with the religion is forcing him to write Hamd and Naat and now he is presenting his biography with another book which is a great addition in his successes. The other speakers read the scriptures from his book and appreciated him for writing books.

At the end of ceremony Gohar Azmi offered thanks to the guest and Arts Council of Pakistan management.

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