Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi remembered

According to Arts Council of Pakistan, the 7th session of 2nd day of international Urdu Conference was dedicated the veteran writer, humorist and one of the great personalities of Urdu of the 21st century Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi. The session was chaired by Iftikhar Arif, Fatima Hassan, Asif Farukhi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, and Shahzad Sharjeel where it was hosted by Shahid Rassam.

Asif Farukhi shared his paper on the writing and humor by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi where as Shazad Sharjeel shared his experience with Yousafi in humorous way to pay tribute to the Great writer of time.

President Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Shah Said that we have lost many renown and veteran personalities of our time. 11 years back the stage was full of the shining stars of Pakistan of literature and Art. He said that we were living in the era of Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi.

He discussed about the time he spent with Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi. He added further that we will never forget Yousafti and today we are here to celebrate his success in life not to mourn on his death. Honored trustee of Urdu board Fatime Hassan said that I had a great attachment with Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi, we have spent a lot of time with her and I am feeling lucky for this golden opportunity. She said that Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi was a great reference of Urdu Prose and humor. At the same time, he makes us lough on a bitter thing and make us cry on something we had to lough. Renown poet Iftikhar Arif said that I was one of the closest people of Yousafi Sab and I feel proud for this. I spent a long phase with him. He said that Yousafi sab was so humble and if look a wide picture we are living in the era of Urdu Humor and Yousafi Stands Unique and separate from the crowd. He discussed some event and aspects of the life of Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi.

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