69th poetic session of poetry at Art Council

Karachi Arts Council’s Adabi Committee and Dunya-e- Adab Magazine organized 69th poetic session of poetry and speech in Manzar Akbar Hall yesterday. The event was presided by Zahoor-ul-Islam Javaid whereas Miss Neel was the host.

Two young poets Zaib Aurangzeb and Irum Zehra presented their poetry. Zaib’s first poetic collection has been published and was titled as “Banaye Herat”. In the session, Zaib enunciated his Ghazal “Hijr Mein Apna Ye Haal Kijeay” which won accolades from the listeners. Rhymes and verses by Irum Zehra were also recognized by the attendees of the evening.

Irum is working in the field of prose as well. Her book “Mere Shehar Ki Kahani” is a collection of stories written on the socio-political affairs of Metropolitan; Karachi. Zahoor ul Islam Javaid in his presidential address appreciated the efforts of both poets. He said that good poetry leaves adequate impression whereas obstructive attitudes create chaos in the society. He further added, “We can make poetry a source of rectifying our approach. Our own national poets provide us a role model for doing so

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