SM Muneer sees landslide victory of UBG in FPCCI elections

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Patron in Chief of United Business Group (UBG) SM Muneer said that Businessmen Panel managed to win previous FPCCI elections with deceit and deception and even tried to mislead stat institution to quash their thrust to power. “But in upcoming election with a landslide victory in FPCCI election UBG would foil their ill intentions” he resolved. He was addressing to a gathering at luncheon arranged by President Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) Saleem-uz-Zaman in his honor.

On this occasion spokesperson of UBG Gulzar Feroz, Ahmed Chinoy, Zahid Saeed, Abdul Sami Khan, Farhan-ur-Rehman, Tariq Haleem, Malik Khuda Bakhs, Zubair Bawaija, Danish Khan, Sheikh Umer Rehan, Ishtiaq Baig, Mumtaz Sheikh and others also present to show their confidence in the leadership of UBG.

Mr. Muneer mentioned that it was the part of our manifesto to eradicate fake and bogus associations and organizations and UBG has identified such entities, this is the reason that a certain group has realized that their designs would be going to failed soon and their defeat is now written on the wall. He said that but still such elements are doing their desperate efforts to mislead business community and state institutions.

Head of National Business Group Mian Zahid Hussain said that his group would fully support UBG in upcoming federation’s election and with our unity all the pending issues of business community during the tenure of Businessmen Group would be resolved after our success.

Presidential candidate for FPCCI election nominated by UBG, Khalid Tawab said that our first priority is to serve business community and UBG has proved its commitment to the community at many occasions. He assured that after success in elections UBG will continue its efforts with more commitment and passion.

Host of the luncheon President KATI Saleem-uz-Zaman said that business community regards patron in chief of UBG SM Muneer as a national asset because of his unconditional commitment to the trade and business fraternity of Pakistan. He said that in the leadership of SM Muneer and Iftikhar A Malik UBG have done wonders and again by nominating renowned and prominent candidates like Khalid Tawab the group has proved its vision and capabilities to make FPCCI an effective representative body of business community.

Senior Vice President of FPCCI Hanif Gohar said that his success after a long litigation process has finally proved that during last elections our mandate was stolen. He said that with the support of my UBG leadership we have proved the flaws and manipulations in last elections in the court of law.

Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO KITE Zubair Chhaya, Ikhtiyar Baig, UBG’s candidate for vice president Arif Jeva, Gulzar Feroz and others also expressed their solidarity and best wishes ot UBG leadership and candidates for FPCCI elections.

Photo Caption: President KATI Saleem-uz-Zaman presenting flower bouquet to SM Muneer Patron-in-Chief of UBG. Mian Zahid Hussain, Khalid Tawab, Hanif Gohar, Zubair Chhaya, Gulzar Firoz, Ikhtiar Baig, Arif Jeewa and Farhan ur Rehman are also present.

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