16100 plants have been planted along NHA network

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As per directions of State Minister for Communications Mr. Murad Saeed, National Highway Authority is making practical advancement towards achieving the target of planting 180,000 saplings along NHA network. Under 75 days Action Plan 16100 plants have been planted, todate.

According to details, 10000 plants have been planted out of 50000 targets along Hakla-D.I Khan Motorway. Likewise 1100 plants along Pindi Bhattian-Gojra Motorway, 2000 plants along Hazara Expressway and 3000 plants along Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway have been planted. This action plan will continue by December 07, 2018. Chairman NHA Mr. Jawwad Rafique Malik is personally supervising this afforestation program.

Besides, NHA is also taking steps to cut vegetation along highway network to make its roads beautiful.





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