Zong Additional Investment of $200 Million to Ensure 100 per cent countrywide 4G Coverage

Pakistan’s largest telecom network Zong pumped in an additional investment of $ 200 million last year to ensure 100 per cent 4G coverage across the country while the cellular giant is eyeing to introduce Digital Revolution in the ongoing 2018.

This was unveiled during recently held Annual Business Conference here in the federal capital. Zong 4G’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Liu Dianfeng inaugurated the event attended by the company’s top management, business partners and relevant stakeholders. The CEO highlighted the company’s unprecedented growth to maintain and sustain a leading position in the industry. The telecom network’s stable operations with an expansive subscriber base, of over 30 million, are all attributable to the large scale network enhancements and strong results from its data business, he said.

Gearing up for 2018, Mr Dianfeng added, “Optimising on more facets for 4G solutions, 2018 will allow Zong 4G’s customers to experience the Digital Revolution. Unparalleled innovation, coupled with increased 4G footprint and enhanced customer experience will be at heart to maintain Zong 4G as the widest, strongest and fastest network of Pakistan.”

The well-organised conference was held to laud and commemorate the unparalleled growth, the organisation witnessed in 2017. Optimising on its expansion and customer centric endeavours, the company is hopeful to continue its legacy of being number one 4G network.

At the premier forum to highlight the achievements, the other senior members of Zong 4G outlined their accomplishments for the 2017, followed by their ambitious plan for 2018. Staying true to its core value, customer centricity, Zong 4G outlined that it will continue to redefine the digital lifestyle through its 4G enabled solutions for a sustainable growth and service delivery for the people of Pakistan.

The conference was hosted by Director Corporate Affairs, Mr Maham Dard and ended with an auspicious reward and recognition ceremony by its HR department recognising a team of employees who had strongly contributed to Zong’s growth in 2017.

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