SSGC rebuts – KE asks SSGC to restore gas supply

This is with reference to the news item appearing in various sections of the press regarding K-Electric (KE) spokesperson’s statement that the present supply of 35 mmcfd RLNG to the power company will hamper the latter’s ability to produce cheaper electricity ‘that may adversely impact the consumers.’

At the outset, it must be reiterated that the ‘shortage’ the spokesperson is referring can in no way be attributed to SSGC. The fact of the matter is that the NTDC has taken outages on 500 KV and restricted KE to 650 KV. Hence the shortage has nothing to do with SSGC.

SSGC is currently supplying the allocated supply of 35 mmcfd RLNG to KE on the premise that the power utility has more than sufficient stock of furnace oil. In fact the current volume was mutually agreed between the Ministry of Energy (MoE), KE and SSGC.

Hence shifting blame to SSGC for gas shortage is highly contradictory n part of KE. SSGC has always placed the interest of the people of Karachi supreme when it comes to supplying gas to KE.

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