PTA observed Kashmir Solidarity Day

Pakistan Tanners Association (Southern Zone) in pursuance of the decision of the Federal Government has observed Kashmir Solidarity Day at Korangi Industrial area in Karachi today. The leading members of tanning industry showed solidarity with kashmir brothers & sisters.

As desired by honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, on Friday 30-August-2019 at 12:30 pm, even was organized and all the traffic stands still during this time.

Those who attend the event includes :-

1. Mr Gulzar Firoz, President Environment Plant.

2. Mr. Kamran Habib, Chairman Pta (S.Z)

3. Mr. Sheikh M Imran, Vice Chairman Pta (S.Z)

4. Mr. Aziz Ahmed Member Pta (S.Z)

5. Mr. Abdul Salam, Member Pta(S.Z)

6. Mr. Farooq Ahmed, Member Pta (S.Z)

7. Mr. Tariq Jatoi, Member Pta (S.Z)

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