Ilma University focuses on United Nations SDGS climate action & life on land

Ilma University steps into the spotlight with its research article being published in an internationally reputed journal Springer. This well-researched article was authored by the University’s top scholar Salman Sarwat from the Faculty of Management Sciences, Department of Business Administration. He contributed largely to the successful inclusion of this impactful article along with other researchers from across the globe.

The research article titled, The step towards environmental mitigation in Pakistan: do transportation services, urbanization and financial development matter? which targeted the SDGs # 13 & 15 Climate Action & Life on Land.

This scholarly research portrayed the impact of transportation services, urbanization, and financial development on ecological footprints in Pakistan. The extensive data collected showcased 39 years from 1980 to 2018. It adopted the QARDL model with the findings which indicated the negative association of transportation services and financial development with ecological footprints.

This was indeed commendable to have such a research article produced from the University’s distinguished department which is evident in the quality research being done. Salman Sarwat contributed highly in writing, methodology and data analysis. This is truly a praiseworthy endeavour that has been equally recognized on an international level.

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