ILMA conducted a trending webinar on Social Media Entrepreneurship

ILMA conducted a trending webinar on Social Media Entrepreneurship to enlighten the youth on the avenues open for work virtually. It was a progressive step into the virtual streams to showcase the opportunities that are present on the social media handles. This was led by the expert Kamal Faridi, leading Brand Image and Delivering Strategic Results for Pakistan’s Innovative Business.

This popular webinar was quite apt in exhibiting the way social media entrepreneurship occurred and the areas of exploration. How can one generate revenue and earn to sustain a decent livelihood was the top agenda. Mr Kamal uncovered how this online portal could be used to the benefit so the utmost was achieved from home.

He remarked, ‘Social media needs to be utilized to the fullest. There are unlimited ways to engage with the clients and earn the amount you want to with the right access.’

ILMA knows the power of social media and unleashed it through this webinar which is a great way to show the students to move ahead and broaden their outreach. The twist with the innovation in business shown through this amazing platform was what was just needed for students to break the barriers and move ahead making the world their workplace.

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