iCare launches campaign to empower trans community

iCare has done a campaign for empowering 35 trans-genders, from different cities, from varying backgrounds, and providing them with training during the outbreak of COVID19 as their means of income was put to halt during lockdowns.

#OneOfUs is a campaign targeted toward the transgender community of Pakistan. This campaign is designed to empower and enable the trans community in an inclusive yet conducive environment. iCare gives the transgender community of Pakistan a platform, for the first time, to utilize their creativity in a respectable yet financially enabling way.

This campaign involves training in makeup, hair, grooming, etiquettes, and mental health to help transform the reputation of the transgenders in Pakistan and enable them financially by boosting their confidence and skills.

iCare takes part in not only their financial but their personal growth as well. The vision of iCare, with this campaign, is to see the trans community of Pakistan as progressive members of society where they are not oppressed, stigmatized and marginalized but empowered through skill enhancement and personality development, to counter the imbalances of the community, and become financially stable by generating income with the help of sustainable solutions.

The Trans community is stigmatized in Pakistan and iCare targets the core of the problem and provides them with skills and training to hold their own in the world out there. Along with the skill to do hair and makeup, grooming classes are also given to transgender to enable them to compete with the leading beauty communities of the world.

During the lockdown, iCare served not only their need for a financially stable future but also catered to their mental health needs. The program is designed around the hardships and past traumas the community had to face all their lives and to provide the individuals with tools to overcome them in later stages of life.

“I have always emphasized with the transgender community in our country. They are stuck in a cycle that is very hard to break. I am very proud of the #OneOfUs initiative that we’ve taken to empower them.” – Supermodel & Chairperson iCareMehreen Syed.

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