Free Hemodialysis treatment by the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) at JPMC

Pakistan ranks 8th place in the list of countries that have a high rate of kidney diseases. Millions of people in the country are suffering from various kidney-related issues. The prevalence is higher in the less privileged as there is an unavailability of clean drinking water, proper hygienic conditions, sanitation processes, and, most importantly, a healthy diet. Furthermore, increased tobacco consumption and smokeless tobacco within the lower-income groups have become leading factors contributing to poor kidney health.

Hafsa Zaheer is a 30-year-old woman who dwells in Korangi in Karachi, Pakistan, was provided free hemodialysis treatment by the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) at JPMC. She suffers from acute kidney failure since the year 2019, her kidneys have lost 95% of their function, and she has been on hemodialysis treatment ever since.

The Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) has installed 19 of the latest hemodialysis machines and 2 RO plants and OPD for various kinds of kidney diseases. Hafsa is pleased with the facility and described it as state-of-the-art, well-constructed, extremely hygienic, and expansive.

“I am grateful to the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) that introduced the latest hemodialysis machines at JPMC through which I was able to start quality dialysis treatment. I have to take three sessions per week, and each session is pre-planned, completely free of cost with post-examination provided by a competent consultant.” – Hafsa Zaheer

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