Coca-Cola and Rizq to share meals during Ramazan

Coca-Cola joins hands with Rizq to share meals with Pakistanis who need them the most. The partnership begins in Ramazan and extends well beyond the holy month aimed to make Pakistan more food secure. A much-loved brand, Coca Cola reconnects Pakistanis to those in society they may not be familiar with – strangers, neighbors they don’t see often and people in the margins of society. Pakistan’s generosity combined with the Ramazan spirit creates a fantastic time to carry forth the mission to make ‘giving and sharing’ an everyday practice under the slogan – “Ao ehad karain: Mil kar bhook mitayain.”

The pledge is to sponsor a free meal for every Coca-Cola product sold in the market during Ramadan – share a Coke, share a meal. The initiative is part of a multi-faceted food donation campaign inviting everyone to celebrate the idea of togetherness, giving and solidarity.

According to UN’s World Food Program, about 135 million people globally suffer from acute hunger. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic impact has doubled this number making the challenge staggering – In Pakistan alone, about 8 million are going to bed hungry and children under the age of 5 years face severe malnutrition. This makes it imperative to roll out the effort to mitigate hunger, first by raising awareness and then by encouraging everyone to contribute to the cause.

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