Birth Anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Message from Dr. Arif Alvi

President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

(On Birth Anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal i.e. 9th November, 2019)

I would like to pay rich tribute to the great thinker, philosopher and poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, on his birth anniversary.

It is an occasion to recall and pledge ourselves to follow his message of self-awareness and self-esteem.

The Muslims of sub-continent would always remain indebted to this great visionary leader for his invaluable services. He infused a new spirit among the Muslims of subcontinent, changed their thought process and provided them with a solid ideological foundation to strive for regaining their lost identity. He envisioned the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub-continent and made remarkable contributions towards understanding the true message of our religion, Islam. No doubt, he is among those few people who are appreciated equally by East and West and his work has been researched and appraised by scholars around the world.

The need to recall the message of Allama Iqbal has never been as great as it is today. Faced with various challenges, let us revert to his message and pledge ourselves to make a deliberate effort by putting aside our differences, exhibiting unity and striving collectively for finding solutions to the ills that corrode our society and hinder our march towards progress and prosperity.

Let us pledge on this day to make even greater efforts for the fulfillment of the dream of our forefathers. Let us move forward according to the teachings of Allama Iqbal for the greater good of our society and our beloved homeland.

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