SSWMB examining possibility to segregate domestic, industrial, hospital solid wastes: Sanjnani

Managing Director of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB), Dr. A.D. Sanjnani, while underscoring the need to scientifically dispose of the solid waste, informed that the Board is currently examining the possibility of segregating the domestic, industrial and hospital solid waste so that all such types of wastes could accordingly be safely treated/ recycled and dumped separately at the landfill sites. Exchanging views during his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), he said that currently there was absolutely no system to separately collect the domestic, industrial, and hospital solid wastes which are collectively being dumped at different garbage spots in the city, causing serious environmental hazards.

President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Vice President KCCI Muhammad Younus Soomro, Chairman of Public Sector Utilities, Power & Gas Sub-Committee KCCI Azeem Ahmed Alvi and Managing Committee members were also present at the meeting.

MD SSWMB further requested the industrialists to grant access to SSWMB to the points of origin of industrial waste so that they could exactly gauge the volume and nature of wastes being produced by the industries and scientifically deal with the same in order to ensure safe transportation and dumping into the landfill sites. All details provided to SSWMB about industrial units and their solid waste will be kept highly confidential, he assured.

“We don’t want to carry out the dumping and disposing of process haphazardly but want to do it more scientifically. Support and cooperation from industries will help in devising an integrated industrial solid waste management system, besides assisting us in analyzing how much waste is being produced by pharma, textile, leather and plastic and other industries situated in all seven industrial zones of the city”, he added

Managing Director SSWMB further informed that two landfill sites at Surjani Town’s Jam Chakhro and Deh Gondal Pass near the Northern Bypass exist while third landfill site is also being established where domestic, industrial and hospital will be treated and disposed of separately. Admitting the fact the situation was not good, Sanjnani stressed that they will have to work collectively and take remedial steps at the earliest because if the situation continues to go on like this, Karachi city not be a livable city in future.

Earlier, President Karachi Chamber Shamim Ahmed Firpo expressed grave concerns over the pathetic cleanliness conditions in different localities of the city where colossal amount of litter can easily be seen lying unattended at some of the busiest streets. “It is really worrisome that even the offal of sacrificial animals of Eid ul Azha have not been cleared as of today from some of the garbage dumping spots in different areas, resulting in triggering extremely annoying and pungent smell all over the area and posing threat to the health of local residents, particularly children”, he added.

Commenting on the initiatives undertaken by SSWMB and comparing the overall cleanliness scenario of Sindh with Punjab, he said that every thing was doable but unfortunately due to lack of willingness, Sindh lags way behind in terms of cleanliness as compared to Punjab. “It is highly unfair that the entire attention of federal government remains limited to Punjab only whereas Sindh was constantly being ignored. Moreover, it is really discouraging to see that Sindh government is also least bothered to ensure a clean, healthy and hygienic atmosphere for the citizens, who continue to suffer badly due to poor infrastructure including broken sewerage lines, dilapidated roads, unattended garbage, debris and offal etc., which usually trigger several epidemic diseases.

President KCCI assured Dr. A.D. Sanjnani that the Karachi Chamber was ready to fully support and cooperate with Sindh Solid Waste Management Board in any of its initiatives being devised to ensure a cleaner Karachi. “Although some initiatives have been taken by SSWMB but these were insufficient keeping in view Karachi’s huge population of more than twenty-five million. A more aggressively strategy and enhanced resources are required for a cleaner Karachi, which despite being the financial, commercial and industrial hub of the country, is constantly being neglected and is not receiving its due share”, he added.


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