PTA demands removal of anomaly in incentive packages

Mr. Anjum Zafar, Chairman, Pakistan Tanners’ Association (PTA) in a statement stated that the leather sector of Pakistan, which is the 2nd biggest export oriented industry of the country still deprived in result of major omission/missed the export related H.S. Codes of FINISHED TANNED LEATHER such as 112.0000/4113.1000/4113.9000/4107.1200/41.07.9200/4107.9100/4302.1910/4302.1990 in the related SOR # 62(I)/2017 dated 02.02.2017 issued the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan in the wake of Incentive Package announced by the Honourable Prime Minister on 10.01.2017.

He pointed out that prior intimation for all related H.S. Codes were already made to the MOC, FBR & others concerned quarters of the Government through PTA’s special letter well before time before issuance of SRO to ensure incorporation of all 11 (Eleven) related H.S. Codes for Leather Sector and accordingly when these H.S codes were not included, the association made inquiry /sent letters after issuance of SRO to higher official of MOC, it was revealed that SRO # 62 was finalized/issued on the Summary moved/approved by the MOF without consulting with MOC & related Trade Association like PTA (Pakistan Tanners Association) who is actual beneficiary & stakeholder of the Leather Industry in Pakistan.

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. Anjum Zafar informed that in result of omission of core H.S. Codes, most of Member Leather Manufacturers-Exporters of PTA around 90/95% are unable to avail the benefit announced by the Government through the Incentive Package on 10.01.2017 and therefore termed this package NOT USEFUL unless all related H.S CODES are included.

He strongly appealed to the Federal Finance Minister & Federal Commerce Minister to look into this SIGNIFICANT MATTER for immediate INCLUSION OF REMAINING H.S. CODES IN THE SRO # 62(I)/2017 dated 02.02.2017 to be effective for GD’s filed for shipment from 16th January’2017 so that our member exporters would get benefits of the incentives announced by the Government to enable the leather manufacturers/exporters would serve the real purpose of the incentive to achieve the desired goals/objectives of the Government for the promotion of country’s exports. We have already been not given FULL SIX MONTHS to avail this package so any further cut in days by making this amendment would be very disappointing for the industry and it is imperative that this amendment should be MADE RETROSPECTIVELY from date of SRO .

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