Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works to build Offshore Patrol Vessel

A contract for indigenous construction of Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd. was signed on 12th June, 2017 by MD KS&EW Rear Admiral Hasan Nasir Shah, DMP Navy Cdre Shafqat Azad SI(M), and representative of Messrs Damen (The Netherlands) in MoDP, Rawalpindi.

Ambassador of Netherlands, Mrs. Jeannette Seppen also graced the occasion.

OPV will have Full Load Displacement of 1900 Tons (approx), with overall length of 90 m and maximum speed of 22knots. It is a state of the art vessel which is especially suited for Anti Surface, Anti Air Operations, Maritime Security Operations (MSO), Day & Night Helicopter Operations, Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Operations.

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