Zubair Motiwala of TDAP will inaugurate the 8TH Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2023 in Lahore tomorrow.

Mr Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), is likely to inaugurate the 8TH Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2023 (PMLS 2023) to be held from 1st Feb to 03rd Feb 2023, at Lahore International Expo Centre, Lahore. It is being organised by the Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) in collaboration with the Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) and other stakeholders with the financial support of TDAP, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industries, and other regulatory institutions who are providing unprecedented support for this event too.

Pakistan Mega Leather Show is a series of vibrant, annual events promoting a wide range of leather products, including Footwear, Garments, Gloves, etc. The event also features a special exhibition of the high-quality products produced by the Footwear-Manufacturing industry of Pakistan. This event will attract international customers towards the tremendous potential in the leather sector of Pakistan to provide a viable platform for nurturing stronger ties or collaborations between the allied industries of the Leather Sector of Pakistan.

The PMLS 2023 will attract potential buyers and investors from China, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus, the USA, UAE, Spain and Tunisia.

The PMLS 2023 will feature more than 100 national and international exhibitors. The foreign exhibitors also include many Chinese organisations, who have shown keen interest in the growing leather industry of Pakistan.

According to the Chairman of PFMA – Mr Mansoor Ehsan Sheikh, Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2023 is the world’s second-largest footwear and Leather exhibit. Production and tanning of leather, along with the manufacturing of leather goods, is the second biggest export-oriented industry in the manufacturing sector of Pakistan. It is the third largest contributor towards the overall exports of the country. The rapid growth of this industry has attracted many international buyers to invest in training facilities for this labour-intensive industry. These investments will improve the technical skills of the labor involved in manufacturing leather goods”.

The Pakistan Mega Leather Show is jointly orchestrated by four highly resourceful industrial associations, including; footwear, leather goods, tanneries, gloves and leather garments. The PMLS 2023 promises to be the biggest exhibition of leather-based products in the country’s history. This amazing event will be attended by many International Footwear Journalists, Footwear designers and buyers of footwear and leather goods. The foreign exhibitors also include many Chinese organisations, who have shown keen interest in the growing leather industry of Pakistan.

Besides showcasing products by various brands, PFMA will be organising two workshops for the benefit of the Footwear Industry on the following subject during the 8th Pakistan Mega Leather Show being held in Hall No. 2 of Lahore Expo Centre from 01st Feb to 03rd Feb 2023:

   a.   Workshop No. 1 – Footwear Designing, Pattern Making and Accessories

– from 2:30 pm to 06:00 pm daily – by Mr Tommaso Roviello, Italian


   b.   Workshop No. 2 – Ladies Sneakers Strobel Construction & College

Moccsin Lasted Construction – from 10:00 am to 01:30 pm daily by

Gianpietro Papa, Italian Designer / Stylist.

PFMA assures that this workshop will provide a great opportunity to enhance the skill of Footwear Industry Designers at international standards.

The 8th Pakistan Mega Leather Show will provide great business opportunities and valuable information for entrepreneurs, investors and all other stakeholders of this promising industry. Given the sheer scale of this show and its benefits for these businesses, the organisers have always received an overwhelming response from the customers and stakeholders. Maximum participation is also expected from the Government sector.

On occasion, PTA noted that the export of finished leather for July-June 2021-22 was US$ 208.092 million, which increased with a favourable growth rate, i.e. (+) 28.50 % as compared to the corresponding period.

The overall leather sector exports increased with satisfactory growth for July-June 2021-22 was US$ 953.707 million, which was in positive growth rate, i.e. 14.51% as compared to the corresponding period. We are now vigorously committed to concluding early to cross US$ 1 Billion exports of the Leather Sector of Pakistan under the prevailing business circumstances, which was earlier achieved during 2013-14.

The average Unit Price of finished leather exported by our member exporters to the world is hovering around @US$ 1.10 to @US$ 1.15 per sqft in steady, which is an encouraging sign for the Tanning Industry of the Leather Sector of Pakistan.

PTA shares good news that around 30 Tanneries/Companies in Pakistan have already been registered into the folder of Leather Working Group to enable them to sell their finished quality leather & others to world-renowned brands.

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