Zong 4G empowers users with an all-new notify-me service

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading mobile network operator, is revolutionizing communication with the launch of its innovative Notify-Me service. This user-friendly service eliminates the frustration of unanswered calls from an unavailable recipient.

With the Notify-Me service, Zong 4G subscribers (callers) can finally know when the person they’re trying to reach (callee) is back on the network, whether the callee was Struggling with a weak signal or roaming outside Zong 4G’s coverage area. Notify-Me Service will alert the caller when the callee returns to an active network zone.

If your calls go unanswered because the callee’s phone was powered off, Notify-Me Service will send a notification to the caller as soon as the callee’s phone is powered on, ensuring you can reconnect seamlessly.

Activating this service is simple and convenient. Send a text message “Sub” to 6125 or dial USSD code *6125# through your phone. My Zong App also offers the service; users can activate it in any way they find feasible. The subscription fee for Notify-Me is affordable, at Rs. 1.50 + tax per day, ensuring you stay connected and informed without breaking the bank.

“Zong 4G is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the communication experience for our valued customers,” said a Zong 4G Representative. “Notify-Me empowers users to stay connected and eliminates the worries of unanswered calls due to an unavailable recipient.”

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