U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” Efforts to Combat Climate Change in Pakistan

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U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Andrew Schofer, during his April 25-28 visit to Lahore, underscored the U.S. government’s efforts to support Pakistan through the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” Framework to address key challenges relating to climate change, food security, and energy. During his visit, DCM Schofer accompanied Consul General Lahore Kristin Hawkins, Consul General Karachi Conrad Tribble, and Consul General Peshawar Shante Moore. 

DCM Schofer hosted a reception to emphasise the need for urgent action to adapt to climate change and promote cooperation in climate-smart agriculture, clean energy, and water management through the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” Framework.  “Global challenges like climate change require creativity, strong partnerships, and diverse perspectives,” DCM Schofer said, adding that the United States is supporting projects like a Women in Energy Scholars Program to combat the effects of climate change in Pakistan.  

While in Lahore, DCM Schofer and the U.S. Consul Generals based in Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar also participated in an exhibition cricket match with female South and Central Punjab athletes.  “The athletes participating in today’s match embody determination and resilience, which will serve them well both on and off the field,” DCM Schofer said, adding that the United States is currently supporting a program in Punjab to empower female students through sports.   

The United States government is deeply committed to advancing gender equity and fostering an environment where all individuals, regardless of gender or gender identity, have equal opportunities to thrive.  “Beyond sports, the United States supports a wide range of initiatives to empower women and girls with new skills, knowledge, and opportunities,” DCM Schofer said.  “From our Academy for Women Entrepreneurs to our TechGirls exchange program to our Women in Energy Scholars program, we are committed to supporting the aspirations and education of Pakistan’s dynamic and talented women and girls.” 

DCM Schofer and CG Hawkins also had the opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the English Access Scholarship Program.  Since 2004, more than 27,000 Pakistani students have graduated from the Access program, including over 6,000 here in Punjab Province.  The Access program is about more than learning the English language – it empowers young people to become future leaders and opens doors to independence and economic success.  Alums and teachers from the program joined the celebration, highlighting the program’s positive effect on their lives.  The U.S. Mission is sponsoring English programs in three cities across Punjab – Faisalabad, Multan, and DG Khan – and looks forward to continuing our educational partnerships across Pakistan. 

During his visit to Lahore, DCM Schofer and the U.S. Consul Generals, he also toured the Walled City of Lahore, including the Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan, and Sunehri Mosques. The U.S. government has funded 35 cultural preservation projects worth $8.4 million across Pakistan, with 20 of these projects located in Punjab. These projects are a testament to the U.S.-Pakistan joint commitment to cultural preservation. “These projects not only strengthen communities but also build a sense of belonging, contribute to economic development, and educate future generations about Pakistan’s diversity and history,” said DCM Schofer.    

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