U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Schofer Bolsters U.S.-Pakistan Ties during a visit to Karachi

The Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) of the United States Mission in Pakistan Andrew Schofer reinforced U.S. efforts to promote democracy, economic growth, and women’s economic empowerment, and to further strengthen ties with the people of Pakistan during his visit to Karachi February 13-16.

“We are committed to deepening our partnership with Pakistan and working together on our shared priorities that promote democracy, inclusive economic growth, and stability in the region. This visit to Karachi is the reflection of our commitment to our continued engagement with diverse stakeholders and reinforcing our bilateral ties,” said DCM Schofer.

DCM Schofer stated the United States demonstrated its support for the people of Sindh during the time of climate disaster and post floods recovery efforts by extending over $215 million in support for Sindh since 2022. With a focus on education, clean water, malnutrition, and healthcare, the United States has been actively engaged in supporting the people of Sindh in their efforts to recover from the floods and build disaster resilience.

Underscoring the U.S. commitment to promote women’s entrepreneurship, DCM Schofer visited the USAID-supported Terry Tex International company in Karachi, an example of how USAID’s support can empower local businesses to expand their horizons.

Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Schofer’s visit to the Lincoln Corner at the Pakistan American Cultural Center brought together dynamic youth leaders, providing them with a unique platform for discussion.

During his visit, DCM Schofer seized the opportunity to meet with private sector and civil society leaders across various sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. These dialogues reinforced the importance of inclusive private sector-led growth, trade, and investment between Pakistan and the United States.

DCM Schofer’s visit also underscored the United States’ commitment to addressing the challenges faced by Afghan refugees and vulnerable religious minorities in Pakistan. During his trip to Karachi, Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Schofer met UNHCR officials and discussed pressing issues facing Afghan refugees, showcasing a commitment to humanitarian aid and support. The DCM’s meeting with religious minorities was marked by a special interaction with the Parsi community in Karachi. This event served as a valuable opportunity for DCM Schofer to gain a deeper understanding of Karachi’s diverse religious and cultural fabric, fostering greater harmony and appreciation among its inhabitants.

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