“Tu Hai Kahan” by AUR takes the number 1 Spot

Spotify Pakistan has revealed another remarkable achievement for its Fresh Finds Pakistan artist as “Tu Hai Kahan” by AUR, an emerging R&B and hip-hop trio hailing from Karachi, has secured the number 1 position on the music streaming app’s Daily Viral Songs Global chart.

This milestone showcases the power of Spotify as a platform that empowers indie and emerging musicians to expand their horizons and gain recognition on a global scale. AUR’s music has resonated with listeners around the world, highlighting the tremendous potential that independent artists possess to capture the hearts of a diverse and global audience.

AUR’s music primarily falls within the contemporary hip-hop genre. Their tracks skillfully blend modern hip hop rhythms with traditional local elements, reflecting their Pakistani heritage. Some of their best songs include “Chehre”, “Sometimes”, “Rastay”, “Us”, and “Kahan”. The catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics in AUR’s music are well-known for connecting with his audience.

Fresh Finds Pakistan has so far highlighted 346 emerging artists and discovered top charting artists in Pakistan with each of them witnessing a growth of between 200% and 5000% highlighting a substantial step in promoting these voices not just within Pakistan but across the globe.

With Spotify, music lovers worldwide are embracing and celebrating independent artists like never before. The app continues to serve a mission of connecting artists with their fans and looks forward to witnessing more success stories from the vibrant music scene in Pakistan and beyond.


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