The nuclear program is a priceless gift to the people of Pakistan

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Dr. Muhammad Hanif Mughal, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Shadbad, said on Thursday that those who started Pakistan’s nuclear program and those who completed it despite all the obstacles are our heroes and benefactors of the nation.

He said that the whole nation is indebted to all those who contributed to making Pakistan’s defence impregnable through the nuclear program. He added that the nuclear program was a priceless gift to the nation, making national defence invincible and proud.

Dr Hanif Mughal said this while addressing the party workers on the occasion of Youm-i-Takbeer, the day when Pakistan’s defence became impregnable after nuclear tests in the hills of Chagai, Balochistan, in 1998. He said that in the presence of a nuclear program, the enemy can neither consider us inferior nor dare any adventure.

He added that the whole world tried to stop Pakistan from conducting nuclear tests. Still, the political and military leaders rejected all the pressure. They carried out explosions, which resulted in sleepless nights for the enemies of Pakistan.

The nuclear blasts resulted in a balance of power in South Asia. The explosions gave Pakistan the honour of becoming the 7th atomic power in the world and the first nuclear power in the Muslim world.

Hanif Mughal said that through this move, Pakistan equalled the nuclear explosions carried out by India on May 11 and 13, 1998, which resulted in threatening statements against Pakistan by Indian politicians.

After threats by Indian politicians, the people of Pakistan became anxious. They wondered how Pakistan would reply to this aggression, as it had become an issue of integrity for Pakistan. At that time, the people were anxious to know how and when we would respond to India. When the reply was given through nuclear tests, the people erupted in joy. The celebration started in the streets, sweets were distributed, and it was celebrated all over the Islamic world.

As expected, Pakistan faced problems related to the implications of the nuclear explosions. It faced economic sanctions but overcame these problems in a few years.

Youm-i-Takbeer reminds us how the entire Pakistani nation united on that day to make the country’s defence invincible. The nation decided not to yield to external pressure and would not compromise the country’s integrity and defence.

It was the day we renewed the pledge that we will always remain ready to thwart the nefarious designs of external and internal enemies who want to endanger the country.

Let’s pledge on this day that by following the principles of unity, faith, and discipline, we will foil all the nefarious designs of not only the external enemies but also the local elements who are out to create chaos and anarchy in the country through their malicious actions, he said.

He emphasized that Pakistan had always contributed to international efforts for arms control, non-proliferation, and disarmament, adhering to the highest standards of nuclear safety and security.

Now, any enemy country cannot attack Pakistan; therefore, they have started economic and political terrorism and militancy. However, he hoped that Pakistan would also overcome these problems and join the ranks of developed countries soon.


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