The local bodies will soon complete the development works, President KATI Faraz-ur-Rehman.

Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) President, Faraz-ur-Rehman, has announced that local authorities are nearing completion of development projects in the area. He stated this during a meeting with Rehmatullah Sheikh, the Transaction Officer of Korangi Municipality, and Naeem Sheikh, the Town Chairman. The meeting also discussed the allocation of funds received from the Korangi Industrial Area for investment in Korangi.

President Faraz-ur-Rehman emphasised the importance of all stakeholders aligning their views on trade licenses. He also highlighted the efforts being made by local bodies to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the industrial area, particularly by beautifying its entry points.

Faraz-ur-Rehman noted that the Korangi Industrial Estate contributes 50% of Pakistan’s tax revenue. However, the current economic situation is causing concern among industrialists facing business challenges while still fulfilling their tax obligations.

He commended the work of KITE Limited, which has transformed Korangi into an exemplary industrial zone through a successful Public-Private Partnership. Additionally, he mentioned the continued cooperation between KATI, the provincial government, and local authorities.

Rehmatullah Sheikh, the Transaction Officer of Korangi Municipality, acknowledged the past financial constraints faced by administrators. However, he expressed optimism about future funding prospects for Korangi, stating that municipalities worldwide generate their funds. He also assured that steps are being taken to address industrialists’ complaints and resolve their issues.

Naeem Sheikh, the Town Chairman, praised Rahmatullah Sheikh for effectively facilitating communication between the town and the industrial association. He mentioned plans for constructing a park and a dispensary in the Union Council, adding that prompt action would be taken to address KATI’s proposals. Naeem Sheikh emphasised the goal of making Korangi an ideal and beautiful industrial zone.

During the event, Zubair Chhaya stressed the need for administrative attention in the industrial area and expressed support for efforts to optimise the functioning of local bodies. KATI pledged full cooperation with the local authorities to improve the area.

Former President Masood Naqi highlighted the jurisdictional challenges faced in the industrial area, with some drains managed by the District Municipal Corporation (DMC) and others by the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC). He also drew attention to the increasing encroachment issues in the industrial area, calling for immediate administrative intervention.

At the occasion, KATI and Korangi Town announced the formation of a six-member committee. The occasion also included a shield presentation by KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman to Korangi Town Chairman Naeem Sheikh. Notable individuals were present at the event, including Zubair Chhaya, Rehmatullah Sheikh, Nighat Awan, Johar Qandhari, and Sheikh Umar Rehan.

Photo Caption: KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman presenting a shield to Korangi Town Chairman Naeem Sheikh. Zubair Chhaya, Rehmatullah Sheikh, Nighat Awan, Johar Qandhari, and Sheikh Umar Rehan are also present.

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