Telenor Pakistan organises supply chain dialogue: stresses the need for sustainable initiatives.

In collaboration with its local and international partners, Telenor Pakistan hosted a dialogue on tackling pressing challenges and emerging opportunities facing the supply chain industry, promoting sustainable practices for long-term resilience.

The discussion was held at Telenor Pakistan’s head office, 345. Khurrum Ashfaque, CEO Telenor Pakistan, welcomed the participants from various industries including Geir Thomas Tonstol, Director ILO Country Office, Pakistan, Alliya Haider, CEO of Abacus Sustainability Quotient, and Saba Shuja, Early Childhood Development Manager, UNICEF Pakistan. Sin Wee Chua, VP for HSE and Supply Chain Sustainability in Telenor Asia gave an engaging keynote speech that emphasised the importance of taking responsible actions, maintaining high standards for the environment and social welfare, and addressing global challenges such as unsafe working conditions and child labour.

“Building a sustainable supply chain is a core priority at Telenor Pakistan,” stated Khurrum Ashfaque, CEO Telenor Pakistan. “We’ve established robust standards, implemented rigorous inspections, and invested in capacity-building programs to ensure responsible practices across our operations. We’re proud of our achievements in promoting a strong safety culture, digital inclusion through partnerships, and setting science-based environmental targets. Today’s discussion has been a valuable platform for collaboration and ongoing improvement, laying the foundation for a more sustainable future for the entire industry.”

The dialogue identified universal sustainability challenges impacting all industries and organisations. A unified response with strong, enforced government policies is crucial for driving meaningful change. Collective responsibility, advocating for decent working conditions, and upholding social and environmental standards are central to building a sustainable future.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Telenor Pakistan integrates sustainability practices into its supply chain operations by identifying and addressing environmental and social risks while continuously improving its impact on society and the planet.


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