Sunridge Foods hosts Nutrition International Delegation to showcase pioneering Food Fortification and Swiss Technology.

Sunridge Flour Plant, a leading name in the food processing industry, was honored to welcome a distinguished delegation from Nutrition International led by Ms. Kristin Hall, Global Portfolio Director, Large Scale Food Fortification. The visit, which also included Dr. Irfan Ullah, Deputy Country Director Pakistan, and their team of Provincial Program Managers and Zonal Managers Sindh, aimed to explore the end-to-end manufacturing process of wheat processing into flour and the advanced fortification techniques employed at Sunridge Foods.

Sunridge Foods takes immense pride in being the pioneer of state-of-the-art PESA Swiss technology for flour processing in Pakistan, and it stands as the sole processing plant in the country equipped with this cutting-edge Swiss technology. The Nutrition International delegation had the opportunity to witness and learn about the complete manufacturing and fortification process during their comprehensive tour of the plant.

For more than two decades, Nutrition International has been actively engaged in improving the health and nutritional status of underserved population in Pakistan especially women, adolescent, and children. Working alongside federal and provincial government ministries and departments, Nutrition International priorities focus on improving access to needed micronutrients for the most disadvantaged, from supplementation and fortification to policy changes and advocacy efforts. Nutrition International, through its large-scale Food Fortification Programs promoting fortified wheat flour and edible oil to combat malnutrition and stunted growth, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the population.

Following the visit, Ms. Kristin Hall, Global Portfolio Director of Nutrition International, expressed her thoughts on the visit, stated, “We are deeply impressed by the commitment to food fortification and the stringent quality control measures employed by Sunridge Foods. Their innovative approach of processing flour and their utilization of Swiss PESA mill technology set a remarkable precedent in the industry. We are excited about the potential for collaboration and knowledge sharing in our collective pursuit to address malnutrition in Pakistan.”

Dr. Irfan Ullah, Deputy Country Director Pakistan, Nutrition International, commended Sunridge’s pioneering efforts, said, “Sunridge is an exemplar of food fortification, food safety, and quality control in the industry. We believe that other flour manufacturers can draw inspiration from Sunridge and replicate their success by implementing similar technologies. Sunridge Foods is not only a market leader but a shining example for the consumer goods industry in Pakistan.”

Mr. Zia ul Hasan Abidi, Director Supply Chain at Sunridge Flour Plant, added, “We take immense pride in our commitment to food fortification and the maintenance of the highest food safety standards. We are honored by the visit of Nutrition International and take this opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art Swiss PESA mill technology. It is through this technology that we ensure the utmost quality in every product we deliver to our consumers and customers.”

Sunridge Flour Plant remains dedicated to its mission of promoting food fortification and continues to set new industry standards through its innovative approach and Swiss technology. The visit by Nutrition International further strengthens their resolve to contribute to the health and well-being of the people of Pakistan.


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